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Name Description
S26381-K590-L465 Fujitsu LX390
Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set
S26381-K460-L100 Wireless Notebook Mouse W1610
S26391-F7137-L1 USB-Bluetooth V2.1 Adapter
S26361-F3204-L514 HD SAS 3Gb/s 146GB 15k hot plug 3.5" with Tray
S26361-F3265-L250 HD SATA 3Gb/s 250GB 7.2k hot plug 3.5"with Tray
S26361-F3204-L530 HD SAS 3Gb/s 300GB 15k hot plug 3.5"with Tray
S26391-F119-L61 Prestige case maxi
S26391-F119-L71 Supreme case maxi, black leather
S26391-F7131-L100 USB Port Rep PR05
S26391-F740-L500 Fujitsu Port Replicator (For Esprimo Mobile - UDMX Series)
S26391-F6099-L300 Fujitsu USB Display Adapter
S26381-K417-L800 Fujitsu Laser Gamer Mouse GL5600
S26391-F841-L100 AC Adapter 19V (80w) for AH/LH



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