April 6, 2018


Huion has been committed to digital animation drawing technology for more than one decade. Huion is now growing to be one of the main manufacturers of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions in the whole world.

Developed with the fast pace of the world, Huion products are growing trendy and more humane. It allows people like artists, photographers or painting lovers to create momentarily merely with Huion’s patented pen and touch input technology, which allows freedom of expression, inspired creativity, and drastic improvements in productivity, control and comfort. This kind of tablet is becoming popular as it’s considered an economical product as well.

Before the official launch of this brand (Huion), OEM as well as ODM used to be their main business, which means a lot of other brands in the market are actually made by Huion factory. After a long period of independent research with international demands and accumulate more professional technical strength, in the year of 2010 Huion has became the unique manufacturer with extraordinary technical level and started selling its own brand.

Huion aim is always to provide products with good prices and quality and the opportunity to create graphic masterpiece anywhere and anytime.